Sugar Free September

I know most of this stuff but sugar (under its various guises) is so sneaky, this is worth a repost.

No Sugar Revolution

The Noakes Foundation have come up with this great guide to how much sugar is hiding in some of our favourite regular meals. Who would have thought that an apparently healthy bowl of muesli for breakfast would be one of the worst offenders?!

Hidden sugar

There are many times in the year where we are encouraged to give up our addictions, “Stoptober” always proves popular for those trying to give up smoking. Sugar is just as addictive so why not join in and try a Sugar Free September? If you manage to stick to it and get yourself through those initial cravings and withdrawals, I can guarantee you will question whether you really want to go back to your old sugar habit! Being sugar free opens up a whole new world of exciting and delicious foods and you will experience a new-found energy, no longer suffering hunger and sugar crashes.

How about starting with some eggs and…

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