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Am liking this new guy I’ve discovered. Pleased to see he is anti soya and anti agave nectar (dreadful stuff – stop putting it in ‘health foods!!!).

21 ‘Health’ Foods You Should Never Eat


What do you get if you mix up your veg box orders?

Two boxes in one week is what! I am trying to decide between two veg box companies and thought I had got it sorted with skipping orders on alternate weeks. Apparently not since I had one on Tuesday and another on Wednesday. Ooops.

Well, since it is soup season and I have picked up this bug (and suspect I have kindly passed it onto my husband) I am looking for ways to counteract its effects, particularly the energy sapping ones.

So, here is todays vitamin and energy boosting soup

1 red onion

1 red pepper

1 cup sliced mushrooms

2 carrots

3 leaves of cavolo nero (black kale) you can use any leafy green

A handful of cherry tomatoes

A pinch of garlic salt

Ground black pepper and rock salt

1/2 tsp turmeric

A cheeky shake of cayenne pepper

Brown the onion slow n low (I used garlic infused olive oil) and add in the deseeded and chopped pepper. Cook for five minutes and add in the peeled and chopped carrots. Cook for another five minutes and add in the sliced mushrooms and greens and all the seasoning. Pour in one pint of water and bring to the boil. Simmer for ten minutes and pop the toms in. Leave them for a few minutes until they split then remove from the heat to cool slightly before blitzing in a blender. This soup is chock full of anti-oxidants and vitamins C & D, anti-imflammatories and immune boosters. Get to it!


Are you B12 deficient?

Don’t Ignore These 7 Warning Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency!

B12 is a wonder vitamin. It’s a wonder what we’d do without it! Actually, its one that a deficiency of will get us into a bit of a mess.

The thing with being B12 deficient is that a lot of the symptoms can be mistaken for something else and not recognised. Fatigue: it’s just tiredness; I’ve been busy. Ache and pain: it’s the time of year, everyone is a bit achy. Dizziness: I’m hungry or have low blood sugar; I’ll eat some carbs!

Ringing any bells?

Fatigue of life as we know it

Mutiny of the Soul

An interesting if controversial article. Sure to provoke thought and discussion. Make of it what you will.

Immune Boosting Soup

Well the veg box arrive this morning so I’m souping today!

Lightly Spiced Autumn Soup

3 large carrots scraped and chopped

3 handfuls of kale torn up

2 leeks chopped

1 cup of sliced fennel

1/4 tsp ground black pepper

1/2 tsp rock salt

1/2 tsp ground turmeric

1/4 tsp mixed spice

Pop the leek and fennel in a pan with olive oil and cook slow n low for five minutes. Add in the carrot and kale. Stir until the kale cooks down a little. Pour on a pint of boiled water and add in all the seasonings. I also popped a bit of fresh parsley in.

Bring to the boil and simmer for 2o mins.

Allow to cool slightly (so it doesn’t spit) and blitz in a blender.

Yummy with oatcakes!

Kale is a great source of magnesium which is helpful in managing fatigue. It also has antioxidants, vitamin K, Vitamin C  – immune booster, and B6, B2 and Folate – all useful in dealing with fatigue or nervous issues/depression.

Carrots are a good source of the B vits too and vitamin C.

So, get your soup on!20161018_105632


4 Ways To Increase Your Energy Level — Sugar Sticks

We always complain about how tired we feel during the middle of the day, or how much we really need a nap right now! Believe me, I can frankly say the same for myself. However, there are some steps to minimising that lethargic feeling on a daily basis! Here’s 5 Ways To Increase Your Energy Level! First things first, you’ve got to cut back on the sugar!

via 4 Ways To Increase Your Energy Level — Sugar Sticks

4 Ways To Increase Your Energy Level

I am in danger of ‘borrowing’ all of Sugarsticks’ posts. Another great one. I am looking into chronotypes as a way to manage energy and get the most out of the day but until I have more info on that, this post is an excellent start.

Sugar Sticks

We always complain about how tired we feel during the middle of the day, or how much we really need a nap right now! Believe me, I can frankly say the same for myself. However, there are some steps to minimising that lethargic feeling on a daily basis! Here’s 5 Ways To Increase Your Energy Level!

7ef080a8570522444e23bdc98894912f Image via Pinterest

1. Cut down the sugar!

i_quit_sugar_article_hero-828x492 Image via Mind Body Green

That might sound crazy because we know that the more sugar we eat, the more likely we’ll go on a sugar high – which means more! However, that sugar high does go away quickly. Cutting back the sugar will make your body less reliant on the substance – meaning that you will have more “natural” energy to go about your day! I know it’s hard to stop eating sugar, so here’s 10 Easy Ways To Decrease Your Sugar Intake!

2. Go…

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15 Reasons Why You Should Decrease Your Daily Sugar Intake

Sugar Sticks

15 Reasons to Decrease

One in two Australians exceeds the recommended daily sugar – which is meant to be approximately 6 teaspoons a day! One doughnut already contains 6.75 teaspoons of sugar!

efron-pound Image via Celebrities Pounding It

The majority of us prefer sugary treats – we enjoy pancakes for breakfast, or even granola with a dollop of yoghurt on top. It makes us satisfied and ready to go about our day. However, there are reasons why we should cut down our sugar levels.

1. Weight loss

Fit body Image via The Dia Method

Sugar acts as a fuel for the body – however, if we don’t burn the sugar off, it’ll turn into body fat, making it harder for you to lose weight .

2. Increased energy

increased_energy_level Image via Health Tap

Decreasing your daily sugar intake would overtime train your body to become less dependent on sugar! This’ll mean that you’ll have longer lasting energy to go…

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Finally, some Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research to get behind.

At last, a good start on research for CFS/ME as a physical condition. We are farther away from a belief it is ‘all in our minds’ and the ‘yuppy flu’ days, but not far enough. There is still too much myth surrounding CFS/ME. Lets hope this research continues and gets the respect it needs.

This article is well worth a read. Feel free to share. Lets get the word out there and encourage more research to be undertaken and published.


Know your sugars

One of the first thing I talk to people about when discussing managing fatigue is cut sugar right back. It’s hard to go sugar free, but not impossible. But cutting sugar is a good way to begin.  This is all very well if you know what sugar is. I tell people to read the labels and then I give them a list of the most common disguises sugar uses to sneak into your food.

The following article, from a trusted research source, plainly and excellently lays out the sugars to watch out for.

Well worth a read. Carry a note of the common and uncommon ones in your purse or wallet when you go shopping. Stop letting food manufacturers poison you!