4 Ways To Increase Your Energy Level

I am in danger of ‘borrowing’ all of Sugarsticks’ posts. Another great one. I am looking into chronotypes as a way to manage energy and get the most out of the day but until I have more info on that, this post is an excellent start.

Sugar Sticks

We always complain about how tired we feel during the middle of the day, or how much we really need a nap right now! Believe me, I can frankly say the same for myself. However, there are some steps to minimising that lethargic feeling on a daily basis! Here’s 5 Ways To Increase Your Energy Level!

7ef080a8570522444e23bdc98894912f Image via Pinterest

1. Cut down the sugar!

i_quit_sugar_article_hero-828x492 Image via Mind Body Green

That might sound crazy because we know that the more sugar we eat, the more likely we’ll go on a sugar high – which means more! However, that sugar high does go away quickly. Cutting back the sugar will make your body less reliant on the substance – meaning that you will have more “natural” energy to go about your day! I know it’s hard to stop eating sugar, so here’s 10 Easy Ways To Decrease Your Sugar Intake!

2. Go…

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